Looking for a Tenant?

We are experts in the Lettings sector and SPACE find qualified tenants very quickly. We use third-party referencing companies to provide, previous Landlords references, current employment references and credit checks as well as carrying out the necessary Right To Rent checks to ensure ID and Visas are valid.

We don’t just find a Tenant; we interview them to make sure they are right for you. Better to have an empty property than the wrong people living there. We make a promise to protect our relationships and that means protecting your investments. A proposed Tenant may pass their references and maybe ‘good’ on paper, but we still believe in handshakes and promises.

As a Landlord it’s most important to find good Tenants isn’t it!

  • Will they pay on time?
  • Will they clean the property?
  • Will they report any issues?
  • Will they be communicative?


Looking to rent just
one room in your home?

We can help find the perfect housemate
and advice on lodger’s agreements

Questions? Ask us, please!

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